When Should I Rent Tools versus When Should I Buy Them?

Opening a crate of shiny branded gadgets may seem like a dream to many mechanics a few years earlier. But no this has become possible in every sense, and as a matter of fact, rented tools come with utmost ease than buying. The projects which many of you dropped earlier because of a shortage of particular hand tools and automotive equipment can now be snatched away from your competitors. All thanks to the monthly tool crate subscription boxes which are available at our disposal.

Rent Versus Buy – A Deep Dive

Budget is primarily the major factor that differentiates the set of tools been put in the backyard from that lying in the wish list. Think about it. What do you first consider when you come across an obsolete item that requires repair or replacement? It is a matter of expense, and every mechanic thinks of it as an expense. But how about you getting a new crate every month with fully functional hand tools and shop equipment? Does it seem like a dream? Well, it isn’t anymore.

Hand tool crates online are inexpensive and save you loads of time and money. Focusing on your core activities becomes easier and effective. Funds needed for new projects are stimulated towards major investments, and expenses on buying new tools shrink to a bare minimum. Because let’s face it, why do we have to buy them anymore when we can just rent them?

When Should I Rent Tools?

When you come across a new project, you must prepare a list of accessories that you are going to need. If the list consists of items that are going straight under the dust coat, it is better to rent them rather than wasting your money. Let’s simplify it.

When you pick a carpentry project, you do need a hammer, screwdriver, drill machine, and bits of course. Besides, several other resources have to get culminated in the men and machinery column. At that moment, if you feel like the drill machine won’t be of any usage to me after this project, simply rent a crate. It gives you access to the drill as well as may include the hammer and other stuff. This way you save money which could’ve been spent on other items as well. Professionals opt for hand tool crates and barrel, get the work done, and hop on to the next project.

5 Factors To Consider Before Renting

  • Do I know how to operate it? Tool crates may have something out of the box for you. Technically, agencies collaborate with various brands to make their crate attractive. To make it stand apart, they may send you items that carry different manuals than what you’ve used earlier. If you do have the know-how, then sure, go for the rental yard. Otherwise, switch to a different one.
  • Do you have the complementary stuff? Even though you are renting items because of the tool shortage, you may still be short of items that complement the tools occupied in the crate. The monthly tool crate subscription allows you to get a taste of new tools, and may or may not carry the side gadgets. Inspect the crate thoroughly to evaluate the combination arriving. 
  • Do I have to go and pick it? We do have many agencies that get the tool crate delivered to our doorstep. Hand tool crates online are of no benefit other than the money aspect, if one has to go out and get one for himself. Tool Heads Crate is one company that allows you to subscribe to its crates at the backend of your homes. A smart phone is all you need to get things done. 
  • Am I sure about the rental fees? It is always better to compare first than to regret later. Do your research, know where the crates coming from, surf for how many dealers are present in your area or at far-off places, and then come to a conclusion. Two similar hand tool crates and barrel may cost you different because of two distinct distributors who are offering them. Once you are sure of the payment mode and fee structure, go all in. 
  • Can I have a demo? This may sound odd, but asking the rental company to give you a demo of what’s stuffed inside and how it operates can really help you in the project. You don’t wish to have complicated machinery in hand that you know nothing about. Ask for a demo if you have trouble believing online services.

Where Can I Get Rental Tool Crates?

Tools are common yet they carry uniqueness in their operation. With that in mind, Tool Heads Crate has come forward with three ranges of tool crates- Basic, Standard and Premium. You visit the official website, you view the crates present there, you fill in the formalities, and in no time, the crate reaches your doorstep. Get yourself enrolled, get yourself advanced!

Bottom Line

Renting is a great option especially when you are short of funds and time. Make sure you are keeping the aforementioned pointers in mind while going for a monthly tool crate subscription.