Is It That Difficult To Subscribe To A Rental Tool Crate? Let’s find out.

How many times have you found yourself on the embarrassment side when you had to ask for the same tool repeatedly? Although tools cost hefty amounts and are comparatively difficult to purchase for smaller enterprises, if you look around, some alternatives are prevailing in the market. These are the monthly subscription toolbox dealers that give out automotive tools and shop equipment on a rental basis. Isn’t it great to have your own bunch of handy gadgets and pay only a fraction of their original cost to acquire them?

Service providers are inclined towards collaborating with tech-giants to make their tool crate more powerful and worthy of its money. Tool Heads Crate is very well known for its quality tool crates comprising of lab-tested accessories which are sure to complete the empty spaces in your tool cabinets. Subscribing is easy and economical. You just have to simply log in to the Tool Heads Crate’s official website, pick up the most suitable option from basic, standard or premium version, make the payment, and sit like a baby until your tool crate reaches your doorstep. A crate containing a combination of perfectly balanced automotive tools and shop equipment gets delivered to your place, and the next thing you know, you are no frustrated over not having the desired gadgets.

Why give customers a distinct set of options?

A consumer’s needs vary from project to project. Where one assignment asks for a pair of spanners, the other requires you to have a drilling machine in place. DIYers and professionals working on project-basis land into the clutches of this problem. Consequently, they have to purchase that very specific tool which is usually found under the dust cover once its purpose is complete.

If you happen to have the same working structure, then the best you can do is look for monthly subscription toolbox dealers. They are usually present online and can be reached by sitting at your desk. The further decision is based on your requirements and you got to be precise about that. For instance, let’s go through the Tool Heads Crate’s varied style of crates. There are:

  • Basic Tool Crate
  • Standard Tool Crate
  • Premium Tool Crate

Each crate comprises a set of tools slightly different from another and the cost varies accordingly. If you recently stepped into the mechanic world and know very little about which tools you may need then it is better to start with the Standard Crate. It gives you a vivid collection of hand tools and shop equipment put in with the thought that they are needed on daily basis. The Basic Crate is for those who require general shop items and the Premium ones are generally ordered by professionals who require a complete set of automotive tools and shop equipment.

Several such crates are floating on the internet. All it takes is a couple of clicks on your smart phone to establish a contact with a dealer and a bit of precision towards selecting the crate type.

How do you land on the right service provider?

It does get on your nerves to find the right service provider from such a large pool. The crate you receive determines solely on the company you get enrolled to. Hence, it requires a thorough knowledge of the company’s policy and reference from local mechanics. The following section gives you an overview of to choose one from multiple monthly subscription toolbox dealers. Here’s how you do it:

  • Pay a visit to the customer review section. It is generally put at the forefront or at the bottom of the company’s website. Customer reviews give out an accurate picture of the organization. Any deficiencies in services get noticed and labeled which help people to formulate their decision.
  • If you are a DIYer with a professional friend or a relative, then you should seek for his advice on which service provider you should opt for. Asking local people about the tool store or taking their references on online dealers comes in handy at times.
  • Make sure you go to a reputed company. Tool Heads Crate has been long serving mechanics and passionate DIYers with quality tools at economical rates. We, at the Tool Heads Crate, have derived our reputation from making our customers satisfied repeatedly. If there still remains the slightest of doubt in your mind, we are more than happy to clear those.
  • The scenario with having rental automotive tools and shop equipment is that you have to look at the policies, which may vary from company to company. Some do offer any-time cancellation while others impose a penalty on leaving in between. Make sure your requirements are accordingly met in terms of tools, pricing, complaint addressing, and cancellation.


It’s not every day you get such options to get your work started. If you are a DIYer turned mechanic taking up new projects, then this is the right time to get started. Save money by not spending on actual purchase, and channelize your funds in the right direction. Subscribe today.