Best Tool Kit Upgrades and Add-Ons (Spring 2021)

Has the time come to upgrade your tool kit a little? Have you been thinking about getting some new improved gadgets so you have a lot more to offer in the same little time? Well, we have got you covered. Whether it is a hand tool, power, or an automotive tool, we can get you the best add-on recommendation so you have a power-packed impressive toolkit to get things going, and of course, a little to boast as well.

Hand Tools and Shop Items can vary from one workshop to another. It rather depends on what kind of business you are into. If you are into machinery repairing, you may need advanced technologies to work with. If you are into plumbing, you may resort to simple handheld tools or some automotive tools. Either way, you are going to stay amidst tools. And what’s better than having a bunch of a load of hand tools crates kits that carry your favorite gadgets on them? Here, we have generated a list of add-ons that you use this year must take with you in 2022 to give a rocking start to it. Let’s get into this.

7 Tool Kit Upgrades To Get Yourself Going 

Before we start, these are some tools that we believe will unleash a better experience into the working. However, if they are not what you are looking for, you can still get some ideas for some fancy gadgets. Subsequently, you will be rewarded with a unique way to acquire new tools. Excited enough? Here is the list.

  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver: Have you been always puzzled about the kind of screwdrivers you have? Well, these are hard to store and even harder to carry from place to place. Instead, get yourself a multi-bit screwdriver for general usage. It may not be the ideal choice for every scenario, but it does offer you multiple bits that can be used in every odd work.

  • Screwdriver Holder: Talking about hand tools and shop items, how many times have you lost the same screwdriver? Chances are more than twice. Instead, get a screwdriver holder or a screwdriver bit holder in place. It offers an ideal spot to keep the whole bunch together without getting them to collide. It offers separate slots to all.

  • Electrical Test Kit: If you are working on machinery and are still using the traditional testing methods, then you must need to upgrade. An AC Voltage Detector is indeed an essential part of a workshop where wiring is all you can see. It allows you to detect issues easily and further saves your time. And as they say, “Time is Money”.

  • Speed Drill: Larger drills utilize your energy and of course the precious time. If you find yourself giving a significant muscle to drilling nuts and screws, then you must get a speed drilling machine in place. This automotive tool can offer a fatigue-free experience and also makes the work faster.

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  • Helmet Light: Does it frustrate you getting into dark rooms or below vehicles to work on? Is it easy to hold a flashlight in one hand and work with the other? You can wipe away all the hustle by simply getting a helmet light on top. It is easy to carry, even easier to wear, and helps you get into zones where your undivided focus is required.

  • Kneeling Pad: Kneeling to work often gets your pants all dusty and may even get a few scratches if the floor is rough enough. You can get a kneeling pad in place. It is one of the best things for a mechanic where there is less space to keep stools and all. Put a pad, sit on it or kneel on it, and get the work going.

  • Electric Water Jet: Please stop using the old brushes to clean the edges where it is hard to reach. An electric water jet gun is something that has enough pressure to discard the dirt and throw it far away. It eases up the whole cleaning process and further, allows you to get more repairing done in a single day.

Which is the best way to acquire new Hand Tools?

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