Best Tool Chest Subscription Boxes For 2021

With tools being the heart of the workshop, it is impossible to imagine one without hand accessories. A tool chest subscription box is the ultimate solution if you are looking to enhance your collection with hand tools, automotive devices, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Be it your next task pending at your worksite or your DIY project in the undertaking, the rental toolbox is probably the best solution to your tool shortage.

The following sections contain the best tool subscription boxes to look forward to in 2021. If you haven’t had a chance to resort to any of these before, then it is the best time you do this. With no heavy expenses, not a single bit of struggle in order, and the best way to attain branded items, this is going to be huge in the coming years.

What Do These Offer?

Apart from hammers, drill bits, pliers, safety goggles, earplugs, screwdrivers, and whatnot, these toolboxes offer you a retail dollar value for your money. And not to mention, the value may often exceed what you are paying for. That is simply why Tool Chest Subscription Boxes have gained so much momentum in so little time. Based on your preferences, requirements, and budgetary constraints, we have rounded up some very genuine options that deserve a special spot in your workshop.

2021’s Best Tool Subscription Boxes

  1. Tool Heads Crate: A Complete Package
  2. The Tool Chest: The Mechanic Special
  3. Ganboxed: A Must For Tool Lovers


Tool Heads Crate: 

The high-quality stuff when combined with branded equipment is an absolute delight to every mechanic out there. And why just mechanics, a DIYer gets equally delighted upon investing in this. Toolboxes by Tool Heads Crate offer diverse and unique equipment in its 3-Module Tool Crates namely- Basic, Standard, and Premium Crates.

Bringing in the collaboration with 3M, Bosch, Titan, and more, the crate by Tool Heads Crate is surely a complete package. The price stands at $29.99, $54.99 and $74.99 for Basic, Standard and Premium Crates respectively. Apart from this, you may have to incur shipping cost that ranges from $9.99 to $12.99 per toolbox

The Tool Chest:

Get ready to introduce some very renowned brands in your workshop. Subscription Toolboxes by Tool Chest include brands like DeWalt, Ryobi, Milwaukee, 3M and many more. The crate gets shipped to you at the beginning of every month. The process contains multiple payment options and the best part is it allows you to cancel the crate at any time.

You can expect the payment to be $49.99 on monthly basis, $149.85 for a quarter, $369.73for half a year, and $509.49 for the annual tenure. The pre-payment allows you to reap a benefit of up to a 15% discount. It is to be noted that the shipping cost is excluded from the prices mentioned above. That has to be paid separately.


Since toolboxes at Gangboxed are prepared by a construction professional, a huge emphasis has been laid on personal protective equipment or PPE. With a variety of products and an option to select the size of gear, this box allows you a very flexible approach. DIYer usually lacks a bunch of protective gear and this keeps them prone to fatalities. Well, not anymore when you are Gangboxed!

Containing four to seven varied items, the tool chest subscription box by Gangboxed appears at your doorstep by the first of every month. The $40 monthly subscription puts you in a great position when you are about to undertake your new DIY or professional project. With free shipping, this is certainly one genuinely stuffed crate and should find a place in your workshop.

Does Subscription Involve Any Complexities?

Subscribing to rental tool crates is all fun and easy. With the internet services at our disposal, you just have to reach the official website of the above-mentioned brands and the procedure is listed there.

For instance, take a look at Tool Heads Crate’s website. Upon reaching there you get a complete manual to subscribe to tool crates. It involves selecting the crate followed by payment that gets you to the enrollment list. The next step takes enlists you in the subscription terms and before you know, your crate gets delivered to your doorstep.

Final Verdict

Coming months might land some new opportunities for you. Be prepared to grab these with the whole bunch of tools in your tool crate. The cost-saving, effective and unique tool subscription boxes mentioned above are expected to deliver their very purpose to you.